Let’s Make Fond Memories Together

Il Caffè di Roma is the Italian coffee-house chain run by Lavazza. The unique and welcoming atmosphere, uninfluenced by passing fashions or short-lived trends, reflects that of the traditional Italian cafè, a place where people like to meet.

An espresso at Il Caffè di Roma is a treat for all five senses, an experience to be enjoyed to the full: the friendly, relaxed atmosphere, infused with warm colors and the aroma and flavor of genuine Italian espresso coffee, with a thick, dense, enveloping cream Il Caffè di Roma is the place to enjoy a special Italian break. In addition to our espresso, we also offer a wide selection of other coffee specialties, ranging from the classics to some highly innovative recipes, created exclusively for Il Caffè di Roma, all waiting to be discovered.

Welcome to Il Caffè di Roma, welcome to Italy.

120 Years Of Tradition

The Lavazza Legacy

Lavazza is the world’s first mono-product coffee company and Italy’s leading brand with a 46% share of the retail market.

It was founded in 1895 in Turin, Italy, by Luigi Lavazza, a businessman and a chemist who constantly stressed innovation, research, experimentation, and evolution. The company was the first to mix beans of different origins to produce superior coffee blends and the first to introduce vacuum-sealed packaging.

Today, with its wide distribution network, Lavazza reaches over 80 countries around the world while remaining family-owned.


A Rollercoaster

For Your Senses

We are committed to serving you only the finest ingredients, sourced locally where possible. Each dish on our menu has been tastefully selected by our head chef. Prepared with a passion for perfection.